Kaleo LogoKaleo is a little-known Greek word for “called” and “to be invited.” But for the members of the Kaleo Network of Family Business Advisors, the sense of being called to serve families occurred long before the group formed. Kaleo is a collaboration of well established advisors to families-in-business and families of wealth. Kaleo was created to bring the best possible resources and continuous learning experiences to the families that the members serve. Kaleo members believe that diversity of advisor strengths and competencies, experience and wisdom, shared values, commitment to teaming in client engagements and desire for shared learning and growth are essential elements needed to serve the complexity and multi-dimensional nature of family transitions , whether a transition of family wealth or of the family business.

I make referrals to Kaleo members located around the United States.  Please contact me to discuss your family business and family wealth needs.   Dean R. Fowler, Ph.D.