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Past Newsletter – Passion and Family Business Commitment

1 – Family Business Matters

Board of Directors
Consider an advisory board or a legal board to expand your business success.

Career Satisfaction
Often family employees are torn between loyalty to the business and their own career desires.

Compensating Family Members
Learn about the criteria that should be used to establish compensation for family members.

Fairness in Family Business
How should you address the issues of fairness in your family business?

Family Employment
Establish guidelines and performance measures for family members

Mediation of Disputes
Family businesses should consider mediation, before conflict leads to litigation.

Performance Standards

Make sure you have clear performance measures defined for family members.

Second generation: Blessing or Curse
It takes passion, commitment and competency to succeed in the second generation.

Sibling Rivalry
Sibling rivalry takes two forms: psychological and strategic

Strategic Planning for Family Business
Importance differences for planning in family business versus public companies

Successful Habits of Successors
How do you measure up against the seven habits of highly successful successors in family business?

Transfering a Family Business
Family transitions are very complex, and only 30% of family businesses succeed.


American Family Business Survey

In depth survey of trends in family owned businesses.

Family Business Survey 2012

Price Waterhouse survey of family businesses

Free Personality Temperment Assessment
The Keirsey Sorter is similiar to the more popular Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)

So You’re in the Family Business…Paul I. Karofsky,Ed.M.
Paul Karofsky, director of the Northeastern University family business center, provides his book on line at no charge. Each chapter is a newsletter like article on a critical topic.

UMass Family Business Center

Excellent articles and resources from one of the nation’s best university family business centers.

Global Best Practices FBN FoX

Research results describing the best practices used by families in business and families of wealth.


Ivan Lansberg

Succeeding Generations: Realizing the Dream of Families in Business. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 1999

Kelin E. Gersick
(Editor).Davis, J. Hamptom, M, and Lansberg, I. Generation to Generation. Boston: Harvard Business School Press, 1997.

Marshall B. Paisner

Sustaining the Family Business. Reading, MA: Perseus Books, 1999.

The Inheritance Project
Browse publications and booklets focusing on the emotional and social dynamics of inherited wealth.


Family Business: The Guide for Building and Managing Family Companies

Family Business Magazine is the only non-academic magazine designed for families-in-business. One of the best features for subscribers is the on-line access to 10 years of past issues in a searchable library.

Wall Street Journal – Entrepreneurial Center
An online source of information for closely-held, family-owned, and entrepreneurial businesses.


Kaleo -Network of Family Business Advisors

Kaleo was created to bring the best possible resources and continuous learning experiences to the families that the partners serve. Kaleo partners believe that diversity of advisor strengths and competencies, experience and wisdom, shared values, commitment to teaming in client engagements and desire for shared learning and growth are essential elements needed to serve the complexity and multi-dimensional nature of family transitions , whether a transition of family wealth or of the family business.

Comprehensive Family Roadmap Associates

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