Having worked in several family businesses and on the boards of several family companies, I am acutely aware of the potential for heartbreak. A rare few worked. The opposite is the general case. After a family/business conflict, it is not uncommon for family members to never talk again for the rest of their lives. Some family business consultants, like Dean Fowler, have found better ways. (from JSOnline.com)

John Torinus

Serigraphics, Inc.

Through his book and his leadership of our family council, Dean Fowler has given me the inspiration and the language I need to talk with my father about succession planning, his philosophy on business and family, and his personal expectations of his six children, and particularly, of me.

Vesla Bemis

Bemis Manufacturing Company

At Steinhafels, we have worked with Dean on and off over many years as we have approached different transformational issues in our family business. We refer other business owners to him as well. Dean’s experience, professionalism and advice is second to none. I first met Dean when I joined one of his next generation Forums for Family Business. These Forums have served the state’s family businesses well for decades. Dean is a treasured resource for the Wisconsin business community.

Mark Steinhafel

Chief Operating Officer,Steinhafels Furniture

In my view, Dean Fowler is one of the few specialists in the field of family business education and consulting who understands both the family systems and business management theories, and effectively applies these to real life cases.

Professor Joachim Schwass

Institute for Management Development

Your involvement with our family has made our ability to grow Kell Container to where it is today. Your insight into each of us . . . helped each of us realize what our talents and strengths are and how to use them in concert with each other to manage day to day operations.

Kell Brothers

Dean was instrumental in helping us develop a firm foundation for continued growth of our business. In particular, Dean excelled at identifying and providing a framework for dealing with our unique family dynamics. . .

Alvin Pokel

With your direction, we have now in place the framework needed to begin the necessary long range and succession planning we all knew was required, but never seemed to get started.

Donald Mainland

Our family has worked with many consultants over the years, gathering more information than we could possibly digest and put into action. The Family Business Assessment Tool helped us tremendously to condense the multitude of family business topics into a manageable report. Our report not only served to affirm many things we suspected about the way we did business as a family, but also acted as the catalyst for our future planning. As new issues arise, I even find myself referring back to the report for a better understanding of the dynamics going on at that particular moment.

Carey W. Folk — Memphis, TN

Dean has been extremely helpful and right on target with the transition and succession planning issues in our company . . . Three years later I would still say he hit those issues perfectly in the bulls-eye. That insight was extremely helpful in making our transition a success.

Robb Lied

Clearly, Dean’s breadth of experience, professionalism, and his ability to offer practical advice and assistance has been recognized and appreciated by those in our programs in Scotland.

Barbara Dunn, Director

The Centre for Family Enterprise

The attendees were very appreciative of all the information they learned on family relationships and how they affect the family business. The results were excellent!

Laura Weaver

Precision Metalforming Association

Members of our Family Business Center agree that Love, Power, and Money: Assessing Your Family Business hit the mark! Thank you for the excellent program.

Ann Kinkade, Director

University of Wisconsin – Madison

Your presentation was an outstanding contribution to the school as noted in the participant’s comments and also by myself and other members of the Advanced Marketing Division.

Jim Hartwig, Vice President

Northwestern Mutual Life

You are a very dynamic speaker who is able to capture an audience’s attention. The participants remarks were very kind. Some of the comments received from the evaluations included: Great topic, makes me think about aspects I have not considered before. . . . suggestions and examples helped give me a road map to grow my company.

Kimberly Harenza

The International Forum