Comprehensive Family Roadmaps

Did you know?

Only thirty percent of families-in-business and families of wealth transition successfully to the next generation of leadership:

  • Improve your odds for success
  • Quickly uncover land mines before they explode
  • Measure your strengths and weaknesses
  • Benchmark your family transition against established norms
  • Develop a game plan for action

Easy to Complete

  • On-line anywhere in the world
  • Downloadable paper and pencil questionnaires
  • Confidential data collection using secure passwords

Reliable Report

  • Forty-two page report
  • Written interpretations and suggested action plans
  • Report emailed anywhere in the world
  • Comprehensive Roadmap process independently researched at a major university for statistical validity and reliability

Consulting Support

  • A network of professional advisors
  • Alliance partners with diverse areas of expertise

Comprehensive Roadmaps for Your Needs