Sample Roadmaps

Would you like to pinpoint the critical issues which must be addressed for improved communication, transition planning, as well as leadership and ownership succession for families-in-business or families of wealth? Our Comprehensive Family Roadmaps are the answer.

Multiple stakeholders including key advisors, managers, and extended family members complete a questionnaire either on-line – and that only takes 15-20 minutes. Based on the stakeholders’ responses, a twenty page comprehensive report is written covering twelve competencies building a lasting legacy.

Each of the Roadmaps consists of 69 questions which are answered by family members, advisors, and other stakeholders who know the family’s situation. To keep this demonstration simple, we illustrate the process with four statements dealing with strategic issues.


Select the Comprehensive Roadmap that best suits your needs, and then proceed by responding to the four questions. When you are finished with your answers, select “Continue”. For this demonstration, sample graphs are presented, but are not based on your answers to the questions.

The actual Roadmap Report consists of a summary graph, as well as a detailed graphic analysis for each of the twelve key competencies, plus a rank order listing of the individual questions. Of course, to protect individual confidentiality, we never disclose how an individual answered a specific question. Based on the responses of all respondents to the questionnaire, a twenty report is developed for your family business or wealth transition situation.

Select One:

The Comprehensive Family Business RoadmapTM
The Comprehensive Family Wealth RoadmapTM