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Your family’s score on Business Strategy indicates some concern that the company may not be adequately positioned for the future. These variations often occur because of external changes in the marketplace that might undercut the competencies that have allowed your business to be successful in the past. Because market conditions are changing more rapidly than they have in the past, it is important that you focus on your longer-range strategic planning goals and marketing opportunities in order to position the company for the future. However, such opportunities for growth often require the investment of capital, which runs counter to the retirement security needs of the senior generation. See the next section on Succession Planning. These two issues, business growth and retirement security, need to be discussed simultaneously.


  • From an internal perspective, hold strategic planning meetings to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your company in order to determine whether your difficulties with growth are internal in terms of your capabilities and business needs.
  • Develop a marketing plan to evaluate changes in the marketplace, particularly concerning government regulations and competitors.
  • Look at the financial security issues for partners, as outlined in the Succession Planning section of this report. Pay particular attention to the financial planning needs for retirement. Often the older partners want to protect their financial security and not take risks that may be necessary for future growth.

The twenty page Family Legacy Roadmap Report consists of your business’s results for each of the 12 key competencies, plus charts of strengths and weaknesses, demographic bar graphs, and a one page overall graphic summary.