Forums for Family Businesssm

Forums for Family Businesssm – facilitated round-table peer groups for family members in family business focusing on successful intergenerational transitions.

Members represent a wide range of businesses and most of the members come from companies in the second, third, fourth or fifth generations who are navigating the transition from one generation to the next while growing their family legacy.

  • Our Mission: personal and professional development through diversified experiences and accountability
  • Our Vision: live a fulfilling life and grow our family legacies with confidence

“Dean’s experience, professionalism and advice are second to none.  His Forums for Family Business have served the state’s family businesses well for decades.  Dean is a treasured resource for the Wisconsin business community.”  Mark Steinhafel, Steinhafels Furniture


Forum members cite a variety of benefits from membership in a Forum for
Family Businesssm:

  • Develop long-term relationships with peers who know, first-hand, what it means to be a family in business
  • Plan both the ownership and management transition in your family business
  • Stay ahead of potential problems and pitfalls
  • Focus on long-range strategies and concerns
  • Identify practical solutions to pressing issues
  • Implement suggestions with the benefit of group support and feedback
  • Achieve cost and time savings by learning through the experiences of others
  • Enhance your leadership ability for the long-term success of your family business


Through assessment, plan design and execution, Dean Fowler Consulting is able to assist your family and your business to overcome challenges caused by the emotional needs of those closest to you.


Dean Fowler Consulting is one of the leading family business consulting firms in the world, a member of the Family Firm Institute, winner of the prestigious Interdisciplinary Achievement Award for outstanding achievement in the advancement of interdisciplinary services to business families, and internationally acclaimed for our book Love, Power and Money: Family Business Between Generations.


Successful families in business nurture and sustain their legacy for today and tomorrow through a commitment to an ongoing Family Council, the commitment to their Family Constitution, and the development of a next generation of Leadership. Prepare for the future and succeed in business by joining The Forum for Family Business and completing the Family Business Enterprise Assessments.