Enhancing Leadership Across Generations for families-in-business and families of wealth.

Dean R. Fowler, Ph.D. is recognized as one of the world’s leading family business advisors. For over thirty years he has facilitated Forums for Family Business™ – peer advisory boards - that specialize in personal and professional development through diversified experiences and accountability, while focusing on successful intergenerational transitions. Forum members are committed to living an amazing life and growing their family legacies with confidence. Through his research, he identified 12 major competencies that all families in business must master for success.

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Forums for Family Business

Forums for Family Business™ are round-table peer groups for family members in family business. Representing a wide range of businesses, most of the members come from companies in the second, third, fourth or fifth generations who are navigating the transition from one generation to the next while growing their family legacy. Facilitated meetings are held monthly.
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"Having worked in several family businesses and on the boards of several family companies, I am acutely aware of the potential for heartbreak. A rare few worked. The opposite is the general case..."

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