Bill Edstrom

Bill Edstrom is an executive coach focused on helping family business members navigate career, life, and succession issues. He also facilitates Dean Fowler’s Forums for Family Business.

Bill spent his career working in a family business which is now Avidity Science (formerly Edstrom Industries) based in Waterford, Wisconsin. Along with his siblings he successfully transitioned the business from the founding generation before taking on private equity partners about four years ago.  He remains a shareholder of Avidity which has grown through additional acquisitions.

At Edstrom Industries, Bill worked in a full range of roles including board of directors, executive management, CTO, R&D, and as a design engineer. Bill holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from MSOE and is an alumni of Harvard Business School’s OPM program. He has training the Co-Active coaching methodology through the Coaches Training Institute (CTI).  He has been part of Dean Fowler’s Forums for Family Business for more than three decades.